White River 
Natural Resources Conservation District

White River NRCD
28 Farmvu Dr
White River Jct, VT 05001

Alvina Harvey, Chair
Rochester VT, (802) 767-3327

Larry Allen, Supervisor
Chelsea, VT (802)-685-4579

Alvina Harvey is from Rochester VT.  
Larry is a retired dairy farmer in the hills of Chelsea.  His son operates and manages the small dairy farm.  His life experience, agricultural background, and extensive local knowledge are huge contributers to the White River District. 
Board of Supervisors
The board of supervisors is comprised of 4 members.  Elections are held each year for 5 year terms in November.   Supervisors direct the work and mission of the conservation district and provide local knowledge concerning soil and water health and landowner needs.  The supervisors represent the landowners in the district.  Please contact them with any concerns or thoughts regarding soil and water health in your area! For program or project information, please contact the District Manager. 

Larry Martin, Treasurer
Bradford, VT (802)222-5589

Janet Angell, Secretary
Randolph, VT (802)728-5097

Janet is the most recent supervisor elected to the board.  Janet works on White Rock Farm with her husband and two sons.  They recently installed a new barn with an innovative manure pit underneath.  Janet and her family are very active with the East Bethel Grange making fantastic chicken pie suppers! Her and her husband also operate a small saw mill in East Bethel, and not to forget their wonderful maple syrup!
Larry Martin is a recently "retired" dairy farmer in the Connecticut Valley in Bradford.  Larry continues to keep busy raising heifers, beef, cropping, and keeping his small farm looking sharp with the larger farms surrounding him. On the weekends, you might catch Larry dancing and enjoying life!
Staff and Affiliates
For information regarding projects , programs, or general questions please contact the District Manager.  The District has two payed staff members; a District Manager and Book Keeper.  The district office is located in the USDA service center with NRCS.  Because of the closeness and affiliation with NRCS and VACD staff, projects, ideas, and district work require assistance and strong partnerships with our affiliate office residents.  District staff and affiliates are listed below. 

Steve Mortillo, District Manager
Tunbridge, VT (802)369-3167

Cherie Staples, Book Keeper

Cherie has been the White River District book keeper for several years and helps keep the nuts and bolts of the district running.  Cherie is a loyal member of local choir groups and you might find her signing in events near Montpelier!
Steve Mortillo is an Iraq War Veteran and a graduate of The University of Vermont Environmental Science Water Resources program. He comes to the District from the National Park Servaice where he conducted invasive plant managment, wildlife monitoriing and orchard managment operations. He lives in Tunbridge VT with his wife and young son.

Lisa Niccolai, Conservation Specialist

Lisa is a licensed forester in the State of Vermont and a graduate of Yale school of forestry where she recieved a masters in forwestry. She also graduated from Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA., with a B.A. in environmental science, policy and wildlife biology.

Jason Fluery, Soil Conservationist
WRJ, VT (802)295-7942 X 110

Jason works for the Natural Resources Conservation Seervice (NRCS) as a soil conservationsist.  Through this position he assists landowners through NRCS programs that provide technical and financial assistance.  Jason grew up on a dairy farm and worked for VACD previously.  His strong agricultural background makes him popular with local farmers. 
Vermont Association of Conservaton Districts (VACD) 
All conservation districts are members of VACD. VACD manages agricultural programming and provide technical staff, partnerships with agencies, and acts as the legislative liaison for conservation districts.  The VACD website acts as a portal of information for their work and also the work of the 14 conservation districts in Vermont.  If you would like to learn more about the role VACD plays or connect with another conservation district, please visit the VACD website