Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance

The Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA) is a farmer led non-profit organization formed to provide a forum for farmers to talk and learn about protecting water quality and implementing conservation on their operation.  The CRWFA provides a mouthpiece for farmers interested in weighing in on state policies which affect farms.  Our District  assists with CRWFA administrative duties, and frequently partners with the Alliance for outreach and education events.   

To become a member, visit:

Conservation Commissions

Chapter 118 of Vermont's State statute on Municipal and County Government (24 V.S.A. § 4501) provides for the establishment of Conservation Commissions at the local level.   Municipal conservation commissions may make inventories of the town’s natural resources including lands that have agricultural, scientific, historical, educational, or cultural value or important, or provide ecosystem services like groundwater recharge, stormwater control, flood protection, wildlife habitat and other values; receive gifts of land for conservation purposes; assist and advise the local planning commission and select board on natural resource issues; and encouraging the public’s understanding of their local environment through educational activities. 

The White River NRCD partners with Conservation Commissions to connect local and regional efforts to improve water quality.  We can also act as a fiscal agent for many natural resource-related grant activities.  Conservation Commissions may contact the District directly for collaborative opportunities.

Vermont Association of Conservation Districts

 The Vermont Association of Conservation Districts (VACD) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1983 to conduct educational, scientific, charitable work concerning conservation, maintenance, improvement and development and use of land, soil, water, trees, vegetation, fish and wildlife and other natural resources in Vermont.

The voting members of the association are the 14 Natural Resource Conservation Districts (NRCD's) in the State of Vermont. 

Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the conservation branch of the United States Department of Agriculture. They provide America's farmers and ranchers with financial and technical assistance to voluntarily implement conservation practices on the ground, not only helping the environment but agricultural operations too.

Our District works out of the same office as the NRCS in order to communicate quickly and collaborate on conservation priorities in our District.

Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture (VAAFM) has a number of conservation programs tailored to fit the state’s conservation needs. We help landowners find a program that meets their production and conservation goals. For a list of VAAFM conservation programs, visit our Conservation Program page.

VAAFM provides our District with funding to support our time spent in the field assisting farmers with conservation programs and achieving compliance with the Required Agricultural Practices (RAP).

White River Partnership 

The White River Partnership works to preserve and enhance the environmental quality of the White River. They map the river, identify projects, and implement conservation practices. We partner in outreach and education projects and coordinate water quality efforts.

The University of Vermont Extension

UVM Extension integrates higher education, research and outreach to help Vermonters put knowledge to work in their families and homes, farms and businesses, towns and the natural environment. Faculty and staff, located in offices around the state, help improve the quality of life of Vermonters through research-based educational programs and practical information. 

We partner with UVM Extension in coordinating technical assistance on farms.

Connecticut River Conservancy 

The Connecticut River Conservancy (CRC) is the voice for the Connecticut River watershed, from source to sea. They collaborate with partners across four states to protect and advocate for your rivers and educate and engage communities. They bring people together to prevent pollution, improve habitat, and promote enjoyment of your river and its tributary streams. The CRC provides conservation assistance and water quality testing along the Connecticut River. 

We have partnered with the CRC on many different projects including agricultural assistance, environmental education, water quality testing, and dam removal. 

VT DEC - Watershed Management Division 

The Watershed Management Division at the Department of Environmental Conservation is responsible for protecting, maintaining, enhancing and restoring the quality of Vermont's surface water resources.  The Division includes three media-specific programs, Wetlands, Rivers and Lakes, that provide for the comprehensive management of these resources through science-based management and permitting programs and activities.  The Division also administers federally delegated Stormwater and Wastewater permitting programs that regulate discharges to surface waters. The Monitoring and Assessment program monitors and assesses surface water quality and supports the development of plans and reports that identify protection and restoration needs and actions. 

We partner with the DEC on water quality efforts including water quality monitoring, wetland restoration and Tactical Basin Planning.